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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 13, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>>james: it is freezing into foggy out there. >>erica: we do not have any hot spots to report. >>mark: jerry sandusky has waived his preliminary hearing. this will send him for work to trial on charges of child sex abuse. his accusers were expected to testify today. >>reporter: new developments at the courthouse, the former assistant coach of penn state's university, a jury sandusky is accused of more than 50 talents of child molestation. he was expected to trial in a preliminary hearings, the
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judges was set to uphold the charges. sandusky are right earlier this morning with his wife maintaining his innocence in this matter on all counts. this morning, he arrived at the courthouse as and as soon as the proceedings started, he waived his rights to a preliminary hearing. that means that he will go directly to trial. one of the attorneys for victim number 1 is present at the courthouse and said all of that victim was not here, there are now 11 alleged victims in this case. they will be testifying unless there is a plea deal offered and accepted. as of today, there has been no plea agreement. the defense team cut is telling us, that
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any xi deal would mean life in prison for their client and they are not fair to except that maintaining the debt siri--maintaining the jury's hands as he is innocent of all counts. sphere is >>mark: justine waldman is intended for with four on this story. >>justine: sandusky left for about 20 minutes ago. some of his accusers were prepared to testify at the hearing that is no longer happening. the attorney for victim number 1 said that he was becoming very stressful because it was willing to be very dramatic day for its clients, here's is video of sandusky the fifth, getting into that life bmw. he is under house arrest. fee is wearing an electronic monitoring device and not
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allowed to have a key contact for. here is down from a lawyer but the number one. >> i can imagine that this is terrific for my client as well as the other victims who now do not have to relive the horrors that they experienced on the witness stand for. they have achieved the same results as they would have, have they fell testified. sphere >>justine: the next four of their if for sandusky is january 11th of next year. oxford >>darya: we are born to change gears and check on the weather. cold and dry. >>james: that is the pattern for the next few days, until thursday furiously this is the view from the roof camera this morning. we have clear and cold conditions in san francisco curious san
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francisco is a warm spot at 44 degrees furious a cold morning and patchy fog with a sunny afternoon. highs near 63. fleet will be freezing cold once again as the go to bed tonight and with the tomorrow morning. we are seeing freezing from office mainly across the north bay. temperatures in the mid-upper thirties across the bay. fair francisco is the one spot at 44. in the north bay, visibility is reduced from a fan of fell to five petaluma, under a quarter of a mile visibility there. the fall, incidentally is freezing fog. this
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afternoon, upper 50s will be the general trend. temperatures will warm slightly as the head down towards san jose. 62 is the expected high in mountain view. >>mark: we do expect income and whether to head our way by thursday. we are expecting the system to move through wednesday during the overnight hours. it will only last the first half of thursday and then drying out. the rest of the week looks good. friday-sunday, plenty of sunshine and warm
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temperatures. let's find out about traffic. >>erica: we still do not have any metering lights on the approach to the bay bridge but we do see cars stacking up, if you have fastrak you will be flowing freely. there are no major problems to report, no accidents or stalls. the bride is still coming in under 10 minutes. your san mateo bridge ride looks good in both directions. cysts as we take a look at the golden gate bridge, you will see more cars on the stand southbound approaching san francisco with no major delays out of marin county. we have a routine slowing on westbound highway 4, speeds are down to just 12 mi. per hour. will pass looks pretty good. southbound 680, no problems on the san ramon valley. softs first
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>>mark: the occupy protesters are starting to clear out of the port of oakland. protesters are claiming victory after they did shut down the port for a second time in less than two months. here is video from yesterday afternoon's. shipping companies and the longshoremen's union sent home about 150 workers essentially halted operations. >>darya: a big difference today at the port of oakland. it is business as usual. >>jackie: 24 hours ago, the port was being descended on by hundreds of protestors. this morning, it is truck drivers and longshoremen. as you can see, business is back up and running. as he
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said, are resolved 3:00 a.m., the occupy protesters took over the court for almost 24 hours and decided to call it a day, they declared the three it will dawn. by 4:30 a.m. there was no one left. it is in very quiet out here right now. that is probably welcomed news for the truckers who just want to get back to work. one of the truckers just ask me, is there another protest planned for today? there is not but there are signs that the occupy protesters could be back at some point. >>darya: we're back with more in a few minutes. for
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>>mark: in pinole, the search continues for a gunman who shot a man
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outside and in alberta last night just off of 880. will tran is on the scene with the latest. >>will: if you can see the police trucking's on the ground. the man is alive but in critical condition. police believe the man knew one another and believe the motive is possibly drug- related. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look outside. cold and clear temperatures. fifth bed
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>>mark: dow futures are up 60 points right now ahead of the opening bell as a tentative deal has been reached for funding the government into next year. a big drop yesterday with the dow down 162 points. the s&p dropped 19, the nasdaq dropped 35. the federal reserve is holding a policy meeting to inform the public upon their interest rate strategy. the feds can decide to regularly update s, also the government is releasing november retail sales figures.
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>>darya: temperatures are less than we expected. >>james: it temperatures are below average for this day. here is a live look from walnut creek showing clear visibility and low cloud cover. fog in the san ramon valley. we are looking at freezing or below freezing temperatures for a good bit of the wine country. the rest of the it is mainly in the thirties to. the north bay is the coldest. that is also where we see the most intensive fault. it is
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cold. you'll feel that the moment you step out. it is rather intense bob in the north bay furious a lot of the fog is freezing fall because it exists in area with supercool water particles. you may need the heater on for just a little bit. after sunrise we will see widespread '50s. upper 50s by 3:00 p.m., the potential could be in places like san jose, mountain view and redwood city. kirk right
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now, the wide view is what we are watching. there's a morning it looks like we could have some rain coming in. by 2:00 p.m. the rain will dissipate and leave us. it will be a short and wide event. friday-sunday, the sun really comes out and our highs will be much closer to 60 degrees. let's get a check on traffic with erica. >>erica: the metering lights have just been activated on the approach to the bay bridge. traffic is stacking up to the end of the lot. even fastrak lanes are backed up. there are no big
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delays to speak out. the san mateo bridge, there are no delays at the toll plaza. traffic is moving at the limit. the golden gate bridge, south on 101, the drive is under 25 minutes out of novato taking a look at the traffic maps, there are no problems coming out of the north bay. as we take things over to walnut creek, dress me what i say there are no accidents, i know that it looks a little bit dark. >>mark: the man charged in the shooting outside of wal- mart and on black friday is said to be arraigned today. he is charged with attempted murder, robbery and attempted robbery. police
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say he shot a man in the neck after demanding his money. the victim was treated at the hospital and released. at least two other suspects are in custody. >>darya: the surprise rise of newt gingrich, he ended up losing and now mitt romney has been forced to try to derail any gingrich. this has made the outcome of the iowa caucuses more important to the army. during a town hall meeting, new gingrich agreed with mitt romney on not giving president obama the ammunition to win the election. >> he said that it was in port to not weekend any of the people who might defeat
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barack obama and that he would rather not engage in outrageous attacks. in the last week or so, as i have become more of a front runner, it is the first time i have felt like things have degenerated in terms of some of the advertisements. i do agree. i think we are about is too important to give barack obama any ammunition. >>darya: the iowa caucuses are set for jerry third. >>mark: here is a live look in the sierra. half here is a look at kirkwood. och at
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half but
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>>darya: california will find out today how much the state will cut from public schools and universities. they are releasing their budget and that will determine how much in preapproved cuts will be made. community college fees could increase. the cuts could prompt layoffs and a shorter school year. cuts would also be made for seniors, child care assistance, libraries and prisons. the governor wants to increase taxes on the wealthy, is gaining support is a new poll showing 60 percent of voters support
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the governor's plan. he wants to put the issue on the ballot for november end there is a poll asking the opinion of the occupy protesters. hi it also surveyed what we think of the tea party. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. hugh is a programming reminder. it is also time for the kron4 new year's life. it is the only local countdown show hosted high catherine heenan in the gary ravaged. the party starts to new year's eve.
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>>mark: retail sales for
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november just came out americans bought more electronics and automobiles. a little rise at the opening bell. >>darya: it sure is cold. >>james: temperatures are on indefinite hold side. sunrise is expected in about 45 minutes. forties and thirties is what we are seeing around the bay. this afternoon, the sun will break out and we will see a rather mild conditions. fifties in '60s. this living things will all right back down again. chilly overnight against morning. look at these temperatures. 30 in santa rosa. nevada is down
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to 28. 27 and fairfield. 32 in napa. freezing across the north bay at the moment. most of the east bay is seeing temperatures in the mid-upper thirties. san francisco is a warm spot on the map believe it or not. the careful if you're driving around in this freezing fog. last time we looked at the map, there was more orange. visibility has improved slightly. visibility is under a quarter of miles still in some spots. this afternoon we will see temperatures
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improved what you see on the screen, right at 60 degrees. mid-upper 50s in many of the inland increased eight valleys. thursday is the next bit of the inclement weather furious light rain for the first half of thursday. friday- sunday is looking pretty good. in the weekend, temperatures getting close to the '60s. let's get a
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check on traffic with erica. >>erica: the metering lights were cycled on a tad bit early. it is now past the end of the lot and moving closer to the 880 over crossing. " traffic speeds are beginning to pick up up the incline and across the upper deck. there are no problems on the sanity of bridge. traffic is moving well in both directions. as we take things over to the golden gate bridge, a traffic is moving at the limit with no problems on the stand. traffic is moving freely as the 101-cd slid serious if you are taking
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public transit, everything is right on time. >>justine: right now we are hearing from the lawyers of jerry's sandusky for half. >> i will be happy to answer any questions. six >> i will take first.
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>>reporter: what would he make this decision at the last moment, to not have is accused of victims testified? >> we did not have any discussions until yesterday afternoon in even after we did so, it was unsure if today's proceeding would be waived. i will say, it was the commonwealth who insisted that all of the victims, today. i told the commonwealth attorney last night that he could call off his witnesses, but he did not do so. even the we agreed last night to lead the hearing, if jerry
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changed his mind, he would be stuck with no witnesses. we are trying to be sensitive to everyone. unfortunately, until a defendant waives his legal process >>justine: we're just hearing from the lawyer of jerry sandusky. as he was leaving court, jury sandusky did address reporters. >> we welcome the opportunity to present our side. >>justine: his lawyer did come back to address reporters. >>justine: sandusky says he
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will present his side of the story is stay the course. right now he is under house arrest fan that is where he will be until his next court appearance january 11th of next year furious we will keep you updated right here on the kron4 morning news furious for >>mark: a developing story out of control. the search continues for if a man who shot off another man outside of an in-n-out purchase after 7:00 p.m. last night. will tran is live on the scene with an of the theory if >>will: you can see the police markings on the ground. the shooter fired at the victim of multiple times. the victim is in the hospital in walnut creek, a live but in critical condition. police suspected the two men know one another and believe the motive could possibly be drug-related.
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>>darya: we are back with more and a couple of minutes on this chilly tuesday morning. here is a live look from the mt. tam cam. things look pretty still. the wind is not the issue, just cold temperatures. temperatures in some places have gone down quite a few degrees over the last half an hour. a plan oakland is at 36. we will be right back. cox caught in
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>>mark: a rise on wall street with the dow jones of 109. to 12,129. >>darya: an oil pipeline is standing in the way of a payroll tax cut. cut house
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speaker john maynard is predicting that the house will approve the measure today that the president and senate majority leader have costs made it clear that the bill will not go any further in part because of the provisions that would give the administration to months to approve work on the keystone pipeline which would carry oil from canada to texas. >>mark: will be right back as the kron4 news continues furious here is a live look outside on this tuesday morning. it is even colder out in tahoe.
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>> dot
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>>mark: r. irani and authorities have shrugged off the u.s. request to return their drown. they say that the u.s. should apologize for invading
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iranian airspace instead of asking for the drawing back. the drone was captured about 140 mi. and cited the iranian border. the president says the u.s. wants the top-secret technology back and has made a formal request. >>darya: it could be a white christmas in seven california. snow is falling near and turning slushy-- turning slushy. these are the mountains of los angeles county. a winter storm warning is in effect until noon today. there are some clouds, not too many drivers on the roads. everyone here is complaining that there is no snow. a lot of the kids are on a christmas break,
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last year was a huge blockbuster year. >>james: we could not do enough stories about how much snow the resorts or getting. this year, a big difference. they have nothing. we have low-lying fog and general haziness but that should burn off fairly quickly. by 8:00 a.m. we will see some warming and get out of the freezing temperatures. take a look at santa rosa. 30 degrees. nevada, 28. 27 in fairfield. across the entire north bay we are at or below freezing. freezing conditions also in livermore. concord and oakland are at 36. a degree warmer in fremont and san jose. 35 and los gatos. for
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these ride along the shoreline of the peninsula in san francisco. it is cold, but not as cold as we see in the north bay. this number represents how much colder it is this morning compared to yesterday. nevada is 14 degrees warmer. it is chilly. 15 degrees colder in fairfield. there is the possibility of freezing fog. be careful about that. those supercooled water droplets could freeze instantly. if your car has been sitting out overnight, the freezing
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fog could turn to ice. be ready to scrape your windshield. our highs this afternoon will look like this. upper 50s. pretty nice. he will be thankful once we get there considering how cold it is. 62 is the expected high in mountain view. across the north bay you will be right around 56, 57. all in all, a mild forecast. we will continue with the mild forecast for the next couple of days and then, things changed. by thursday could get rain, it will be light in nature, but i will break that down in more detail in my next update. there have
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>> this chp is afforded a number of accidents on the roadway. none of them are affecting any of the traffic lanes. traffic is stacking up closer and closer to that 880 over crossing. an update on the san mateo bridge, westbound and eastbound 92, there are no major problems or delays. the golden gate bridge, southbound 101, there is a lot of space between cars. we have an accident and petaluma right at petaluma boulevard. on the traffic maps, you will see routine is slowing coming off of the altamont pass. you can make
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up for lost time closer to ethanol. the nimitz freeway is looking good in both directions. we do not have a single accident report. >>mark: occupy protesters are claiming victory this morning after shutting down the port of oakland for a second time in less than two months. this was the scene yesterday afternoon when hundreds of protesters marched on the porch. shipping companies and along shores union sent home 150 workers essentially halting operations. >>darya: newly released records showed that oakland police approved using tear gas on protesters during a violent clash with occupy protesters in october. here is video from october 25th. the documents do not clearly state who gave the actual order to use the teargas.
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the clash left the iraq war veteran with serious injuries serious >>mark: a federal judge and brooklyn is set to hear arguments on whether or not the federal government has acted judiciously and blocking the next day and the pregnancy drug to be banned. >>darya: we will be back with weather, traffic and it is on this tuesday morning. we also want to remind you, we have a new year's eve special beginning at 11:30 p.m.. we will be right back.
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> >justine: another us drone has crashed amazon offering updates to fix complaints about the kindle fire.
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>>mark: thank you for joining us on this tuesday, december 13th. a rise on the dow jones of 103 points.


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